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Central Women’s College Of Education, Lucknow(CWCE) is a self finance minority Educational Institution, established in 2004. The college is run by INSTITUTE OF LITERACY DEVELOPMENT, registered in the year 1988. The Chairman of this college, Dr.J.N.Pandey M.A, B.ed, L.L.B. Ph.D, is a well renouned educationist. He is credited with running a number of educational institutions in the past. His vast experience in the field of education has always been helpful in making the college one of the best leading lights of the educational arena.

CWCE is one of the leading institute of higher education in Uttar Pradesh. The college has the history of producing top class graduates, undergraduates and other professionals. The college is inculcated with various resources both from industries and academics and thus we aim at producing Total Quality Product and also provide hostel facilities like sports lounge, gym area, Entertainment room with sceptre television for TV watching. Read more information on top rated sceptre television on tv factor . Building is surrounded with a nicely maintained lawn all around the area using grass trimmers Here’s a good research on orbitrim reviews. Agricultural studies is one of the program offered. In this competitive era of Globalisation, Liberalisation and Privatisation, the speedily growing Indian Economy plays a vital role. Such competition has created the inevitable needs of intellect and trained professionals. However, the supply of these trained professionals is far less than the steadily growing demand of the same. College has a beautiful infrastructure fort the well being of students, Buildings have been painted using paint zoom machines for a nice touch equipped with latest educational equipments. Read more about paint zoom machines on www.depotdad.com
CWCE is continuously making efforts to fulfil this very demand and to provide education for the development of the society as a whole.

Mission Vision & Objective

The purpose of education has always been to enable a man to develop his intellectual powers to the full so that he may grasp the significance of any situation that arises, that he may know the difference between right and wrong and gain the contemplate the divine mysteries of nature. Education should strengthen his character, help him to look after himself and concentrate on the life to come- These are the words of a great visionary about education in general. I, Dr.J.N.Pandeyhad faced a number of problems of professionals in Northern India. I took Grim Decision Unanimously to Upgrade the standard of education by establishing a higher education institution in the vicinity of Lucknow to impart the higher learning Education like Bachelor of Education, BCA,BBA, MBA and various other courses to men and women in central zone of U.P. Education means to educate manners. This Institute (CENTRAL WOMEN’S COLLEGE OF EDUCATION) is established for the fullest development of potencies, impart the professional Education for their successful humanistic life with the placement in profession/employment.

We strive our self in Improving the profitability, streamling coorperations and facilitating administrative procedures. We dedicate our self to provide an environment which is to conduct high quality research and development activity in various fields of Management, Commerce, Education and computer based application.
We have achieved a lot but still a lot more is to be achieved and we have every reason to feel confident that with full dedication of all concerned, having common goal of achieving excellence in professional education and training through full support from corporate world, this college will soon become one of the premier institute of the country.


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